Filtration for any project & debris


How To Install Filters

Easy To Install

Detach the lid and place the motor upside down in the drum. Locate the filter cage.

How To Install

Place filter on top. Press down near the center of the filter with both thumbs until the rubber opening of the filter locks in securely.

How To Remove

Press one thumb on the plastic tip and simultaneously pull up on the filter from the side tabs.

Filter Size

This filter will fit your vacuum if your filter cage height is 8-9 inches.

wet/Dry Vac Dust Bags

Pro Tip? Use a dust bag and filter together to extend vac life and maximize performance.

How To Install Dust Bags

How To Install

Remove the powerhead from the drum. Align the cardboard collar with the vacuum’s inlet.

How To Install

With both thumbs, push the back of the collar until the cardboard is pressed all the way against the vac.

How To Remove

Slowly remove the cardboard collar from the inlet. Lift the bag out of the drum.

Simple Disposal

Emptying your wet/dry vacuum is as simple as throwing a bag away. No mess, no spill.