How to Clean a Barbecue Pit with Your RIDGID Wet/Dry Vac

We love grilling and barbecuing throughout the year. Before pouring in the charcoal, woodchips, or lighting the fire you should be cleaning out the grill. You’ll want to remove any old ash, soot, or debris from the grill. This helps the fire breathe and helps the chef know how to regulate the temperature.

Here are some steps you can follow when it comes to cleaning your grill.

  • Scrape the grill removing particles, ash, soot, and debris.
  • Remove top grill and anything else required that may impede progress.
  • Make sure your wet/dry vac is using a RIDGID Fine Dust Filter, so that the ash will be captured. You can also use a HEPA Material Filter. Note: if your wet/dry vac is not equipped with either of these filters, the vacuum can throw the ash out of the exhaust.
  • Install a RIDGID Dust Collection Bag to the drum of your wet/dry vac if it’s not already installed. While this job does not require a dust collection bag, it is recommended to keep disposal of grilling debris quick, easy, and clean.
  • Collect cold ashes, soot, and debris. Please note: DO NOT PICK UP HOT ASHES.
  • Open drum to the RIDGID wet/dry vac and dispose of the dust collection bag, or any debris that you may have picked up.

If you are doing a lot of grill, barbecue pit, or fire pit cleaning, we recommend you purchase RIDGID’s 5 Gallon 3.0 Peak Horsepower Cool/Dry Ash Canister Shop Vacuum.  The RIDGID Ash Vac can cleanup ash and particles up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a 3-inch locking hose, crevice tool, extension wand, filter screen, and a HEPA Media Filter. 

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