End of Year Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again; the end of the year when you might feel like things are a bit crazy with the holidays, vacations; you name it. But as you’re taking down those holiday decorations, maybe that’s a good time to check off items on the End of Year Cleaning Checklist.

Clean out your fireplace

Did you know you can use a RIDGID wet/dry vac to clean up in and around your fireplace? Instead of sweeping or scooping out old ash, soot, and other particles, use a wet/dry vacuum. If you do go with using a shop vac, make sure the ashes you are cleaning up are completely cold, same with soot and other particles.

  • Make sure your RIDGID wet/dry vac is using a RIDGID Fine Dust Filter. Using a filter captures dust and debris from recirculating back into the air. If you don’t have a RIDGID Fine Dust Filter, you can also use a RIDGID HEPA Material Filter.
  • Install a RIDGID Dust Collection Bag to the inside of your wet/dry vac’s drum. This helps to contain all the particles you’ll be cleaning up. It also makes it easy to dispose of once the bag is full. RIDGID has a handful of Dust Collection Bags that you can choose from, based on your cleanup needs.

Collect cold ashes and larger debris.


Remove Snowy Messes from Floors, Stairs, or Sidewalks

If you live in parts of the world where you experience winter, you’ve also experienced snow, slush, and salt being dragged through your house. Instead of trying to scoop or sweep up the mess, suck it up with a RIDGID Wet/Dry shop vacuum.

  • Using your RIDGID vac with a utility nozzle will help suck up the bulk of the snow, slush, or salt.
  • Replace the utility nozzle with a wet nozzle to help suck up any wet residue left behind on your floors or stairs.
Use a Wet/Dry Vac for Kitchen Messes

Kitchen goop. You know what we’re talking about: liquid, food, sauce, other kitchen-related spills. How do you get rid of it? You can use your RIDGID Wet/Dry vac to remove any of that unwanted gunk. A shop vac may be ideal when someone spills their soggy cereal and milk, especially when the bowl breaks, leaving shards of material on the floor.

Here are some accessory options that you can consider using to clean up kitchen-related messes:

Note: Anytime you use a RIDGID Wet/Dry Vac when cleaning up food or food-related debris that can leave an odor, be sure to thoroughly clean and rinse off any tools or accessories used. You’ll also want to clean out the drum of your vac so that odor doesn’t linger, or mold doesn’t form.

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